Traveling & Working Out


I’ve been MIA for some time now, but a little update for you all…..This summer I took the amazing opportunity to travel. I’m exploring some of Europe and spending most of my time living in Greece.

I want to talk about working out while traveling and how you can stay healthy and mentally sane without the standard gym routine. This can be a struggle for me because I LOVE my routine, I mean who doesn’t? We are creatures of habit and routines are comforting, but guess what I realized… I’m too young for comfort zones and limitations. I need to be OK without a routine and without material things. I need to be OK letting go of this absurd construct that I need the perfect body (which by the way, doesn’t exist). I also found that thoughts really do shape reality. If you tell yourself “oh no, I didn’t workout. I’m losing all my progress. I don’t feel good.” well you guessed it, you will begin to become and believe those thoughts. And no offense, but you are very wrong!! I also found that I AM in control. Such a simple statement right? But for many of us we forget this very fact.

Repeat to yourself: I am powerful and I am in charge.

I Am

If I’m not feeling good, then I can choose to go on a short run or a walk or jump rope. There is honestly no excuse not to feel good. I am so lucky to have this life and I don’t want my silly thoughts getting in the way of complete gratitude. 

So being a fitness enthusiast, I’ve found ways to stay active whether it’s freestyle swimming in the sea, runs, stair repeats, track intervals, jump roping at home, mat exercises, or in place circuits. Most recently, I’ve  joined a gym so I truly have no excuse and my focus will be on feeling fit, happy, and healthy. I enjoy movement and feeling my muscles working so working out isn’t a chore or an obstacle to enjoying my European adventure, but it actually helps me have more energy and excitement.

An example of a workout I made up and did at a local track:



PU- push ups, SU- sit ups
200 yards of : alternating broad jump burpees, bear crawling and walking lunges

So if you have thoughts in that powerful mind of yours that are preventing you from greatness, then I give you permission to tell those thoughts that they can show themselves out because you are taking over!  



Basic and Effective Dumbbell Exercises

 Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 12.22.18 AM

Check out a short video of basic dumbbell exercises. I performed these in a tiny  hotel gym! They are easy and don’t require much space or equipment!

1) Bent-Over Single Arm Row

-Flat back-> core engaged
-Neutral spine: neck inline with spine
-Squeeze your shoulder blade in as you row up
-Maintain control and don’t jerk the weight up, use your strength not momentum

2) Goblet Squat

-Maintain weight in your heels as you sit back into your squat leading with your hips
-Keep those elbows high away from your body
-Core tight and chest up not letting that dumbbell collapse you down
-Drive your knees out as you come up and SQUEEZE those glutes at the top

Oldies Cycling/Workout Playlist

photo (40)

I did my cycling workout to this playlist this week, and it was so fun!

I know many people out there are working towards new goals in this new year, and hopefully getting healthier is one of them. No matter how “healthy” you think you are, there is always room for development and changes for a healthier YOU! Getting into the routine of working out and being active can be difficult, but it’s the same for everyone. “When will I have time? I feel tired. I’m more hungry. What should I pack as a snack before? “etc. etc. Well let me tell you, we have all had that DAY ONE, or WEEK ONE. And trust me, it will get easier. As your body adjusts you will begin to crave being active. Remember, lifestyle changes are those that stick, so it’s a work in progress and once it is apart of your lifestyle, it will not be so difficult. This brings me to this post, exercise should be fun! And an easy way to have more fun more often is with your music selection. This oldies playlist changed up my routine, and I enjoyed having different beats to look forward to.

I hope this inspires you to create some fun playlist for yourself to spice up your fitness time!

Song List

1) Everyday People- Sly& The Family Stone–> warm up song

2) Otis (Ft. Otis Redding)- Jay-Z & Kanye West ) This is a remix on an oldie!

3) Brick House- Commodores

4) Ain’t Too Proud to Beg- The Temptations

5) Groove Me- King Floyd

6) We Didn’t Start the Fire- Billy Joel

7) Welcome to the Jungle- Guns N’ Roses

8) Highway to Hell- ACDC

9) Good Vibrations- Beach Boys

10) Ain’t No Mountain High Enough- Marvin Gaye

11) Thunderstruck- ACDC

12) Paradise City- Guns N’ Roses

13) Sympathy for the Devil- The Rolling Stones

14) Cherry Pie- Warrant

15) Black Dog- Led Zeppelin

16) I’m Moving Out- Billy Joel

17) Nothing But A Good Time- Poison

18) Forever Young- Rod Stewart  –> cool down song

Now go get your heart pumping! 

Your body is able to do so much more than your mind leads you to believe

Today I participated in a 5K local ‘Turkey Trot’ Run! (5k=3.1miles )I used to do long distance running and I dealt with a couple overuse injuries and I just never got back into it. Over the past 3 years I would try to restart running again and I would do it for awhile, but then my shin splints would come back and I would then back off  because I was scared, I did not want to get another stress fracture injury like I did in the past.

Recently I took up Crossfit again, but this was after doing 6 months of training on my own, trying to increase my fitness and lean out. When I began Crossfit again in October I felt in pretty good shape, but I have definitely seen how much more I have to go, AND I’M EXCITED! The point being is that I ran this 5K today with almost no running training other than the shorter lengths between 400-800m at a time during crossfit workouts, yes some days the overall running distance can be close to 2 miles, but I have not run 3 miles straight probably since the beginning of September. The main reason: my shins were giving me issues again so I  focused on crossfitting, cycling, and some swimming as my main workout activities.

I could have let the fact that I haven’t done strict running training get to my head, but I didn’t. I just ran. No it wasn’t so easy, yes I got tired after about 2 miles, but I repeated my positive workout mantra the entire time. “I AM Powerful, I AM Strong”  and it pushed me right along.


That’s me, on the left!

I finished the race in 23:12, averaging a 7:28 mile pace. I know I could have been smarter and finished faster, but I was a bit excited in the beginning and took off quick with the “fast pack”. I had my slowdown towards the end of mile 2, but I geared up mentally and told myself I was almost there, why slow down now? So I tried to pick up my pace again. It wasn’t perfect and I’m not the best, but it is progress and it’s awesome to see!

All in all as the title of this blog post says, my body is able to do so much more than my mind leads me to believe, and this race showed me just that! I’m very excited to try another 5K in the near future!

Believe in yourself, anything is possible 

It’s 11/12/13 and my HeartPumper for the day

photo (13)


Yes! that it my sweat on the ground. And yes, I cleaned it up afterwards!

So I chose cycling today as my activity to get my blood flowing and get my sweat on!

Here is my workout:

5 minute warm up–> take the time to get your posture set up properly

8 minute hill climb ( First 6 mins seated, increasing resistance every 45 sec, last 2 mins standing increasing every 30 sec.)

1 minute rest

3-4 minute song for “Jumps” ( I usually pick the chorus of the song and I did 3 rounds of 3X 8 count jumps & 4X4 count jumps)

1 minute rest

Sprint Intervals (2X  30 seconds “on”, 30 seconds “off/rest” then 1 minute on)

1 minute rest

4 minute song ( from seated to standing 3 times w/ increasing resistance each time I stand)

1 minute rest

Tabata Drill! 4 minutes( 8 rounds of 20 seconds “on”, 10 second “off”) “On” means give it your all!

2 minutes rest

4 minute song for “jogs” w/ 3 short isolations

5 minutes ride it out! good pace + decent resistance

5 minutes cool down

Total time: 45ish minutes!

Make up a fitness MANTRA that works for you when you feel yourself slipping during a workout or wanting to give up.