Decision Making. Fear. Positive Thinking. & other thoughts.


Feel the fear and do it anyway. But how? This is confusing right? Because if I’m scared how can I make myself do something, make a decision, etc.

Well facing change and making weighted decisions is never easy, but we must do it anyway. This past year I have made some of my first really real choices in my life. I can get really worked up about my decision and ask advice from others and talk about it out loud, but the thing is no one can make these decisions for me. I have to be the one to decide and I will be the one that needs to sleep at night with my choice so it doesn’t matter who agrees or disagrees because it’s my life and I’m taking ownership.

Sometimes we think to ourselves, I’ll choose whatever makes me happy. Simple enough right?
This guideline seems so easy to follow, but in reality happiness has so many aspects to it. And yes this statement makes me a “thinker” because I do know people who have a happy is happy attitude and they truly are so simple about it, but for me it’s a very dynamic involved question- what makes me happy?

I can’t completely answer this question, but what I do know is that the only thing really helping me through all of this is following my gut. And trust me when I say something just feels right or feels wrong. 

My advice to myself and to others through a big transition is two things

1) Let ourselves cry if we need to cry

2) Maintain a positive mindset (or create one!)

We need to cry if it helps release some tension inside and bring out some of those negative/ fear based feelings, but after that we must use positive thinking to keep us in a balanced place and looking forward.

Let us look forward toward the good that will come into our lives and the good souls around us. Let us feel grateful for who we are and the opportunities we have. ( I feel hesitant to say this last part because I am lucky to even say the “opportunities we have”- because not everyone is given these opportunities. Additionally, this is a privilege to even discuss this in my free time on a blog post. More about this in another blog to come.)

Now to wrap things up.

  1. Follow your gut
  2. Know yourself
  3. Feel what you feel
  4. Be positive
  5. Appreciate


Traveling & Working Out


I’ve been MIA for some time now, but a little update for you all…..This summer I took the amazing opportunity to travel. I’m exploring some of Europe and spending most of my time living in Greece.

I want to talk about working out while traveling and how you can stay healthy and mentally sane without the standard gym routine. This can be a struggle for me because I LOVE my routine, I mean who doesn’t? We are creatures of habit and routines are comforting, but guess what I realized… I’m too young for comfort zones and limitations. I need to be OK without a routine and without material things. I need to be OK letting go of this absurd construct that I need the perfect body (which by the way, doesn’t exist). I also found that thoughts really do shape reality. If you tell yourself “oh no, I didn’t workout. I’m losing all my progress. I don’t feel good.” well you guessed it, you will begin to become and believe those thoughts. And no offense, but you are very wrong!! I also found that I AM in control. Such a simple statement right? But for many of us we forget this very fact.

Repeat to yourself: I am powerful and I am in charge.

I Am

If I’m not feeling good, then I can choose to go on a short run or a walk or jump rope. There is honestly no excuse not to feel good. I am so lucky to have this life and I don’t want my silly thoughts getting in the way of complete gratitude. 

So being a fitness enthusiast, I’ve found ways to stay active whether it’s freestyle swimming in the sea, runs, stair repeats, track intervals, jump roping at home, mat exercises, or in place circuits. Most recently, I’ve  joined a gym so I truly have no excuse and my focus will be on feeling fit, happy, and healthy. I enjoy movement and feeling my muscles working so working out isn’t a chore or an obstacle to enjoying my European adventure, but it actually helps me have more energy and excitement.

An example of a workout I made up and did at a local track:



PU- push ups, SU- sit ups
200 yards of : alternating broad jump burpees, bear crawling and walking lunges

So if you have thoughts in that powerful mind of yours that are preventing you from greatness, then I give you permission to tell those thoughts that they can show themselves out because you are taking over!  


Want a great song to help you get into flow while working?

Flow is an optimal state of consciousness in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus. It’s the feeling you achieve when you are completely involved in the activity and find joy in the process. You feel fully concentrated and a sense of timelessness and control.

This song below has been on repeat as I’m preparing for finals and getting through some projects at work. I hope this helps you find your flow.




You are Stonger than any Excuse! Fix that negative mental set!


My inspiration of the day.

We are not perfect. We all have good days and bad days, the goal is to hopefully have more good than bad as well as know how to pick ourselves up when it is “bad”. Yesterday was: “I woke up on the wrong side of the bed” kind of day. I felt exhausted and did not have my usual motivation and “kick” in me. I was feeling very ‘Debbie downer’, which only increased my negative feeling because I was getting frustrated that I was being negative, but I just couldn’t help it. I’m sure many of you know what I’m talking about. Although, the realization of a negative attitude is great start to changing it, but now the question is HOW??

For me, I knew that a workout could cure my blues, I just needed to get myself moving. So I packed up my things and got myself to the gym. I ended up having a great workout by putting my energy into physical activity rather than negative thoughts. I used to not workout when I had a ‘blah’ day, but I’ve gotten to know myself and I KNOW that getting some exercise boosts my mood, and of course it does because of the release of endorphins & serotonin.

In addition, the random kindness of a stranger stopped me in my mental tracks and I took a second and thought, “wow people are really wonderful sometimes” and I bet this couple probably had no idea that they affected my day so positively.

Keep this in mind, when you feel on Cloud 9 because you too can spread your positive energy and may even turn around someone’s day!

So my message to you is practice being in tune with yourself and  be aware of your mental state & self talk. If it’s negative, ask yourself why and consciously DECIDE that you want to get out of that place. Figure out what works for you.

Some Ideas–> I use many of these strategies

  • Exercise!
  • Take a walk or go on a hike–> get some fresh air
  • Zone out to your favorite UP BEAT song, maybe let yourself go and DANCE, it can be a great stress reliever
  • Spend some time and chat with a friend if socializing helps you
  • If solo time benefits you, then do that! Spend some time alone, and try to silence those nagging thoughts
  • Cook! ( something healthy, for good energy)
  • 5 BIG deep breaths, the kind that go to your tummy
  • Pamper thy self ( this can be anything that relaxes you and brings you to a happy place)
  • Indulge in a favorite movie or TV show
  • Find the pure good in the world ( playing w/ a pet or hanging out with kids)
  • Yoga ( go to your local studio, at home yoga, in the park, at the beach)
  • Take each task, one a time. Avoid overwhelming yourself with the long “To-do” list
  • Get some rest! Too little sleep will only increase your stress
  • Write down what is on your mind
  • Find some Positive Affirmations that resonate with you, and repeat them to yourself or have them saved to your computer or phone to look at when you feel stress or negativity ** Make your own affirmation and add it to a picture of your choice, like my picture above. It helps me feel more empowered if I made it for myself.

Happy Day!