Greek Island Vibes

Greek Island Vibes


folegandrosWhere the livin is easy….
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No edits to this picture….Absolutely stunning.
Your diet is like a bank account.
Good food choices are good investments

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Small Fishing Village
IMG_1628 (1)Only about 20 families living in this fishing village in the summertime



Traveling & Working Out


I’ve been MIA for some time now, but a little update for you all…..This summer I took the amazing opportunity to travel. I’m exploring some of Europe and spending most of my time living in Greece.

I want to talk about working out while traveling and how you can stay healthy and mentally sane without the standard gym routine. This can be a struggle for me because I LOVE my routine, I mean who doesn’t? We are creatures of habit and routines are comforting, but guess what I realized… I’m too young for comfort zones and limitations. I need to be OK without a routine and without material things. I need to be OK letting go of this absurd construct that I need the perfect body (which by the way, doesn’t exist). I also found that thoughts really do shape reality. If you tell yourself “oh no, I didn’t workout. I’m losing all my progress. I don’t feel good.” well you guessed it, you will begin to become and believe those thoughts. And no offense, but you are very wrong!! I also found that I AM in control. Such a simple statement right? But for many of us we forget this very fact.

Repeat to yourself: I am powerful and I am in charge.

I Am

If I’m not feeling good, then I can choose to go on a short run or a walk or jump rope. There is honestly no excuse not to feel good. I am so lucky to have this life and I don’t want my silly thoughts getting in the way of complete gratitude. 

So being a fitness enthusiast, I’ve found ways to stay active whether it’s freestyle swimming in the sea, runs, stair repeats, track intervals, jump roping at home, mat exercises, or in place circuits. Most recently, I’ve  joined a gym so I truly have no excuse and my focus will be on feeling fit, happy, and healthy. I enjoy movement and feeling my muscles working so working out isn’t a chore or an obstacle to enjoying my European adventure, but it actually helps me have more energy and excitement.

An example of a workout I made up and did at a local track:



PU- push ups, SU- sit ups
200 yards of : alternating broad jump burpees, bear crawling and walking lunges

So if you have thoughts in that powerful mind of yours that are preventing you from greatness, then I give you permission to tell those thoughts that they can show themselves out because you are taking over!  


Parasailing in Washington State!

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 1.22.27 PM

Check out the video of my GoPro footage and pictures by clicking the pictures or click here

This was a first time experience for both me and my dad. We were 1000ft in the air at the highest point during out parasailing adventure outside of Seattle, WA area. I have a fear of heights, but flying and being in the Space Needle for example are fine because I feel safe enclosed in a structure so this was a whole new experience of HEIGHTS!

AND WHAT a view! We saw beautiful views of Mt. Rainier and of near by islands. We had gorgeous weather and we heard it will be the last few days of 80 degree weather for Seattle….SCORE!  As we were getting higher into the sky I had to do big stomach breaths to center myself and then I really enjoyed the time “flying” as long as my dad didn’t do anything crazy to shake us! There was one point in particular that I cut out of the video (because I screamed so loud) where the wind really pulled on us as were we mid-turn and we both felt it in our gut! The good news with parasailing it that if the boat ever stopped working you wouldn’t free fall down. It would just be a nice float into the chilly north pacific ocean bay! SO nothing to be fearful of right?! (;

Take some risks, do what scares you and it can be so rewarding once you face your fears. Additionally that fresh air 1000ft up is quite powerful!